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 Hope at-least few of you gone through the latest news that  Kerala-based Kalyan Jewellers will be acquiring another aircraft, an Embraer Legacy 650 executive jet [ 13 seater ,  175 crores ]  . Hollywood actor Jackie Chan and HCL Technologies founder Shiv Nadar also owns the same . 
 It was in 2012 only kalyan acquired Phenom 100 aircraft ( 7  seater  ) for 30 crore and on 2013 they acquired another  Canadian Bell 427 helicopter and it was believed to be near to 50 crore.  Just look more in to the Phenom one,  its fixed yearly cost would be around is 2.5 Crores and minimum 50000/- to 65000 is needed for per hour flying.  
 Its politely said by kalyan group that  “its to cut travel time for family members and officials visiting its 60+ showrooms in India and abroad which in fact money “
The Jewelry was founded by T.S. Kalyanaraman in the year 1993 with a capital of  75 lakhs . Now they are having turn over of  9500 crore and expecting 15,000 crore next year from the 50+ showrooms spread-ed all over the world. [ 52 in India ,6 in UAE  and will be opening 3 showrooms in Delhi .Its said that 40-50 crore is needed to open one showroom ]
Its not just kalyan but Joyalukkas owns four seater Embraer aircraft and they are having 3+ such ones .Its said like they are having one to travel inside state and another for inside India and rest to travel across the globe. I am not exactly sure about the third one but the second one was cost around $10 million. The aircraft’s come under their luxury air charter company Joyjets, [ ]  . @ 2013, Forbes  Magazine’s  annual tally of billionaires listed Joy Alukkas in 1342th position with a net worth of Rs 6,600 crores.
Now lets look in to some interesting charts,
Below one figures consumer-Gold  demand from across the glob .
See india and China 🙂  But there is a major fact. in china the yellow metal is vastly  used in industries  
 Let me also bring another interesting thing about the gold bar and coin import figures
so what I was trying to say is , where comes the figures 8000 crore from 75 lakhs capital investment. Whether its black money ? [  I  don’t wish to poke  nose in to that ]  
I have heard the family members saying it was 100 rupees for per pavan ( 8 grams gold ) in their memory  and now its in to 22500 or like !! well I am admitting the facts of time/globalization etc etc . But my intention to such a post is some thing different.  Its about the most dangerous  over gold-usage
In older days gold which considered to be a symbol of prosperity was used in marriages . But it was just few grams and now its like  gold is must in   death.birth,marriage, anniversary gifts ,kainettam, puberty and what to say 
Actually its a dead money and  there is not a difference like whether its middle class , low-class or upper class when it comes to GOLD .  Its already late that we should start to think about the old days and put a boundary in gold usage on marriages . 
When we buy gold jewelry  worth 6 lakhs there is so much hidden charge like making charge, duty etc etc and the real worth will be like 4+ lakhs . i am not saying that dowry system is strictly prohibited. Because its not actually going to work here . Most  marriages are becoming show-off and its not completely  their mistake . There is always an inner fear from the girls parents  that what others will think if nothing is given  . Its already late now and there are more girls still unmarried just because of this system. Its already late ..  
open eyes and see where all the money goes ?  Do the marriages needed to be a show-off ? Do we really need this much gold in marriages ?  . If few starts doing like that others will follow the same .. I do really hope more educated ones will come and realize  the fact

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