The secret to happiness :)

Those who are reading these lines should have gone through the same thought at-least once , what is the secret to happiness  ?  How I can be more happy in my life ? How some one can be always happy ?



Exactly the same questions/thoughts were running through my head in last few years. I spent a lot time talking with many people  regarding this , Gone through  “Successful /Rich persons ” life stories , spent hours hearing happiness persons views about their life.  Finally I made a survey on couple of friends in my close group asking their views and then reached in a conclusion . This blog post is my humble attempt to shed  light to those areas. I can guarantee that the time you are going to spent on this blog post won’t put you down  .

Happiness is of different types like mental happiness , physical happiness , sexual happiness , divine happiness ,emotional happiness etc …
When I asked a 4 year boy/Girl about happiness he/she said like a bunch of chocolates or  a room full of toys will make them happy. When I asked the same question to another boy of same age group ,  then it was a luxurious mobile phone which may be making him happy. I kept asking questions to many people in the same age group and the survey extended to different age groups of persons. The answers were amazing ..
A new bicycle , a car , a job , Lot of money , 1 year full vacation , No exams in their life time ,  Direct job after study , new job with high salary , New home , Getting admission to IIM , getting pregnant  etc were the things which may be making them happy . I realized one thing that the reasons are not related or depends upon their age.10 year person and 27 year person said that if they gets 1 year full holiday that will be making them happy.

But the true point is they won’t be happy though they gets what they desired. Because then some other thing will be their new choice of happiness.

My next attempt was to find the just past happiest moment from  their memory. As expected many people in same age group answered differently . Few told  talking hours with  best friends was the happiest moment in their life . For some it was a 12 hour sleep after a delicious food  .. The moment when they are in flight/bus to see their loved ones  was the best happiest moment to few from their memory. Some answered seeing HD porn videos with snacks and drinks were the most happiest moment for them . A long drive in bike / car  was few one’s choice. Hearing favorite singer music in a lonely place was the choice for few persons. Playing time with their kids was the choice of few.  Seeing a smile on their spouse face following a hug was the happiest moment for some one from  their memory .

so the happiest moments are different here too .  Its not dependent on any factors like gender or age or educated/illiterate . It varies from person to person .


So what will be that “secret key to happiness”  ?  How some one can be always happy in their life ?   Well the answer is its possible. There is a simple way for the same and for that you   just need to realize what is happiness. No external thing can make you happy for a longer period but you can be happy if you wish . Happiness is a situation / inner feeling
and to be happy always you just need to be contented person with what you have !! … Contentment is the only thing which can give you some what long term happiness.


There are millions of persons who lived yesterday and not living today  ..Millions of people around  the worldwide can’t see  what you can .Billions of people cant think properly. Many millions are not getting a balanced food even one time per week .. You are a completely blessed person  . You can think , you can see , you can enjoy many other materialistic things around you .

No other external thing should control your happiness. You have to be happy without a reason .. You should be controlling your emotions or thoughts . If some other person or some emotion makes you uncomfortable then you are a slave to some thing.( I am not going to more deeper on this ) . You should be the power which controls your own  emotions , mind . Happiness is a choice its just you who have to decide whether to be be happy or Not … it is completely in your hands. You will be exactly as much happy as you decide to be ..

Do good things which can bring a smile to your mind .. keep smiling ………..


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